Separating our finances

and how to handle it
How to separate finances after separation
Separating your finances includes all of your assets and liabilities in your sole name or in joint names. It also includes superannuation if you are married. It is important to obtain legal advice reg

How to handle children?

Organising your Children after Separation
Reaching an agreement with your ex-partner about your children can be very difficult. It can be stressful and the relationship between you and your ex-partner can reach the stage where you need help t

We are separating. What to do?

Are you separating? Do you need an agreement?
There are various ways of resolving family law issues without going to Court. In most cases the Family Court requires you to try to work out your arrangements for property and children before going to

6 questions about divorce and de-facto relationships

Answered by a Lawyer
How to get a Divorce

1. When can I get a divorce?

To apply for a divorce you need to have been separated from your ex-partner for 12 months or more. The divorce application needs to be filed at t