Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Separation or divorce is never easy, but it can be especially difficult when there are children involved.

We prefer not to take our clients through the courts unless absolutely necessary.

Instead, we offer professional, unbiased family mediation and dispute resolution services. These services provide you and your former partner with an alternative, more amicable pathway towards settling child access, the division of finances, property, debts and other assets.

So, if you and your partner are struggling to reach an agreement over finances, access to your children or who gets the cat, we have the expertise to help reach a settlement through family mediation.

Do I need to attend mediation?

The majority of parties to a parenting dispute are required to participate in mediation with a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner prior to initiating Family Court proceedings concerning children. However, in cases involving family violence or in urgent circumstances, an exemption can be obtained from attending mediation.

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Tannis Arnold

Hello, I know it can be a stressful and worrying time for you when going through a divorce or separation. I am committed to providing you with personalised and effective advice. I am also passionate to obtain the best outcome for you at a cost effective and affordable price.

Tannis Arnold

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Teresa Sutherland

Hello, I place the highest priority on giving you personalised service and to care and listen to your needs. I am also committed to avoid unnecessary expenses and protracted court proceedings by facilitating mediation services through negotiation.

Teresa Sutherland

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Tannis, Teresa and team have really helped me to sort out my separation, property settlement and divorce.

I highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with any family legal matters. They are very professional, attentive and caring team who manage to achieve a very successful outcome. Thank you
Ana Calado
Stephanie has provided a professional and efficient service.

Everything has gone smoothly, and everything was resolved in a timely fashion.
Mark Peters
I have seen Tannis several times for legal advice for the last 2 years. Until early this year I finally decided to go through with my legal separation.

Tannis was so understanding and accommodating. During this emotional and stressful process she made it easy for me. I highly recommend Tannis and the team.
Tessa Coronel

What is mediation or family dispute resolution?


Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a process where you and your ex-partner meet with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to try to sort out your family law issues.

These issues might include who your children will live with and other matters such as what school the children will attend and also what do about separating your property and finances.

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